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Print and Photocopy

Print and Photocopy

Library users can print from any library computer or library laptop to a networked laser printer. If you are using your personal laptop, you will need to transfer your document to a library computer in order to print: the network printing system does not support external computers.

Only single-sided printing on 8.5" x 11" (letter size) library paper is allowed.

You must have a Kapiʻolani CC ID Card or a Kapiʻolani CC Print Card to print from computers in the library. Kapiʻolani CC Print Cards may be purchased at the card machine in front of the Circulation Counter or the machine to the left of the Reference Desk for $1.00 (includes $.50 credit on the card).

Black and white printing costs ten cents per page; color printing costs $0.50 per page. Put money on your Kapiʻolani CC ID Card or Kapiʻolani CC Print Card by inserting it into a card machine and depositing bills.

How do I print?

Printing for the first time is a little complicated. Follow the steps below or ask for help at the library Reference Desk.

  1. Give yourself enough time. There is often a line of people waiting to use the Print Station. Don't start printing 5 minutes before class starts or the library closes.
  2. Display the document you want to print on the computer.
  3. SAVE your document to a disk or flash drive, or email it to yourself as an attachment. If you do not save your document and something happens to the printer, your document is lost.
  4. Use File: Print Preview to check the number of pages. Often there is blank space at the end of a document that creates an extra page. The Library does not give refunds if you print blank pages.
  5. Issue the Print command. If you are printing a PDF file from a web browser, click on the printer icon in the PDF toolbar. Do not use your browser's File:Print command for PDFs.
  6. Make sure you have the correct printer selected: Black and white (10 cents per page) or Color ($0.50 per page). The Library does not give refunds if you choose the wrong printer.
  7. You will be prompted for a temporary job name and a password to protect your job from being printed by somebody else. Type something very easy to remember for your job name and password, for example your initials or first name.
  8. Put enough money on your Kapiʻolani CC ID Card or Kapiʻolani CC Print Card at one of the card machines.
  9. When you are ready to print your job, go to the Print Station and insert your Kapiʻolani CC ID Card or Kapiʻolani CC Print Card into the card reader.
  10. Click on your job in the list. The system displays the total number of pages for the selected job, the cost per page, and how much money is available on your card.
  11. Check that the number of pages and cost are correct, then click the Print button.
  12. Enter your password. If it doesn't work, try pressing the CAPS LOCK key then entering your password again.
  13. Retrieve your printout (multi-page PDFs with large images may take several minutes).
  14. Remember to take your card out of the reader! Click the Log Off button to eject your card when you are done.

Print jobs will stay on the Print Station for approximately two hours, then they are automatically deleted.


Self-service black & white copying is available for library users on the first floor of the library near the Circulation Counter. The photocopiers accept cash only (coins or bills). Black & white photocopy charges are ten cents per page.

The library does not give monetary or material refunds and can only provide limited photocopying assistance.

Library users are responsible for abiding by the United States Copyright Act of 1976. A failure to observe the provisions of the Copyright Act is a serious matter and may expose you to liability.

Last Updated: Jun 22, 2021 2:27 PM