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Borrow Laptop Computers

Borrow Laptops
The Library offers one-day loans of laptop computers to KCC students, faculty and staff.

Each laptop has a wireless Internet connection available throughout the library. The wireless connection allows access to the library's online resources and print station. You can also connect your personal laptop to the wireless network.

Laptops are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and may not be reserved in advance. You must have a validated UH System ID to use a laptop.

There is no charge for borrowing a laptop. However, an overdue fine of $1.00 will be assessed for every hour or fraction thereof. You are eligible to borrow a laptop once you have signed a borrower's agreement, which details the library's laptop lending policy.

The Library is committed to serving all members of the UH community fairly and equitably through its policies. Anyone who violates the laptop lending policy or who uses the Library's technology resources to violate other duly established policies or laws will be denied access to these resources. Users found to have vandalized, altered or damaged a laptop, its programs or data, are in violation of Hawaiʻi State Law and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the Law. A copy of the University of Hawaiʻi Policy on Acceptable Use of University Computer and Information Resources is available at

A copy of the policy is available at the Circulation Counter and included below.

User Policy

Laptop computers are in high demand. To ensure that that they are issued to responsible individuals who know how to operate them properly and will care for them while in their possession, you will be asked to sign a borrower's agreement that the library will keep on file, acknowledging and agreeing to the following:

  1. Laptops may be borrowed for the entire day, Mondays through Saturdays. You may take the laptop out of the library, but it must be returned 15 minutes before the Library closes for the day.
  2. Circulation Staff will verify that the laptop unit is in good working order before it is checked out to you with an AC adaptor. When you return the laptop and AC adaptor, staff will verify that the unit is still in good condition before checking the equipment in.
  3. NEVER leave the laptop unattended for any reason. If you must leave your carrel or desk, take the laptop and the AC adaptor with you. Thefts do happen in the Library. You are solely responsible for the laptop, and damage or replacement fees will be assessed to you.
  4. The laptop screen is very sensitive and can be easily damaged. Whenever transporting the laptop in the library, be sure that the screen is securely snapped down. Do not carry the laptop like a book, as other objects you are carrying may damage the screen.
  5. Do not remove any components from the laptop.
  6. If you have any problems with the laptop, return it immediately to the Circulation Counter. Do not attempt to make repairs on your own.
  7. Use laptops for word, data, and spreadsheet processing. Save your work frequently to your removable media or email. All documents left on the laptop will be automatically deleted when the laptop is shut down. The library is not responsible for lost or damaged work.
  8. Users who do not return laptops 15 minutes before the library closes on the day of the loan will be fined $1.00 per hour or fraction thereof. Once you have checked out a laptop, you are responsible for it. If it is damaged or stolen while in your possession, you will be assessed repair or replacement costs and processing fees. The library reserves the right to determine whether damage to the equipment was due to an accident, abuse, or intentional misuse.
  9. Display of sexually explicit images or sounds where others can see or hear them may create a hostile environment and could consitute sexual harassment according to University of Hawaiʻi Policy E2.210.
  10. University servers and networks may not be used to house or distribute unauthorized software, music, video or other information resources.
Last Updated: Apr 25, 2020 10:41 PM