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The Assessment Technologies Institute - Test of Essential Academic Skills (ATI-TEAS) exam is an admissions requirement for the Practical Nursing (PRCN) Program, LPN-RN Transition (TRANS) Program, and the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) Program at Kapiʻolani Community College. This test is administered in-person and by appointment only at the Testing Center in Lama Library.

Important Announcements:

From Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI):

  • [NEW] Effective July 1, 2023: The ATI TEAS test price will increase to $70.

From the Kapiʻolani CC Nursing Department:

  • The nursing department will grandfather all exams taken since March 20, 2020, when UH officially mandated the "Stay at Home" order.
  • Effective May 31, 2022: The KCC Nursing Department will NO longer allow the ATI TEAS to be proctored at home (remote testing).
  • Starting June 1, 2022: The ATI TEAS test must be taken in a testing center to be considered for Kapiʻolani CC Nursing programs.

Please follow the procedures below to take your ATI TEAS test.

1.   Schedule your ATI TEAS test

Testing Period Testing Dates Status
Summer 2024 May 20 - August 2, 2024 Scheduling Open
Fall 2024 Dates To Be Determined Scheduling Closed - open date TBD
Spring 2025 Dates To Be Determined Scheduling Closed - open date TBD


  • Appointments must be scheduled at least three (3) calendar days (or more) prior to your desired test date.
  • Testing will NOT be available:
    • On weekends and holidays
    • During campus closures (Spring and Winter break)
    • On Kapi'olani CC Nursing Application deadlines
    • Other dates determined by the Testing Center
  • Availability is limited and seats fill up quickly. Contact the Testing Center at 808.734.9144 for more information about future test availability.
  • After you schedule your test, you will receive an e-mail confirming the date and time of your testing appointment.
  • If you are unable to keep your appointment, please notify us to cancel ASAP so that your seat can be used by other students.

2.   Prepare for the test

3.   On your scheduled test day

  • If you are sick, please don't come to campus.
  • Arrive 10 - 15 minutes prior to your exam appointment time.
  • Bring the following:
    • A photo ID (Drivers license / permit, State ID, Military ID, School ID, Permanent Resident Card, etc).
    • A pen or pencil.
    • A face mask (this is RECOMMENDED in the testing room).
    • Proctoring Fee: $65 cash only. Exact amount is appreciated as change may not be readily available.
    • ATI TEAS Fee: $70 credit/debit card only. You will pay this fee on the ATI website on the day of your test.
      IMPORTANT NOTICE: Some credit / debit cards may be declined even when there are sufficient funds on the card. ATI informs us that your card company may have strong fraud prevention measures in place for your safety. We recommend having a second card as a backup just in case.
  • Permitted items:
    • Testing Center provided scratch paper
    • On-screen calculator only.


> How do I cancel or reschedule my test appointment?
Please contact the Testing Center by e-mail ( or call 808.734.9144 during normal business hours.

> How do I arrange for testing accommodations?
To arrange for testing accommodations, you are required to be properly registered with the Disability Support Services Office (DSSO) (phone: 808.734.9552, e-mail: AND you must also contact Michelle Carter (e-mail: to ensure your ATI account is properly setup with the appropriate time accommodations.  Please make arrangements for accommodations well in advance of your test date.

> I took my ATI TEAS test at another testing center. How do I send my scores to Kapi'olani CC?
If you took your ATI TEAS test at another testing center, those scores DO NOT automatically transfer to Kapi'olani Community College. Go to the ATI TEAS Transcript page to order/send an official copy of your test scores to Kapi'olani Community College.

> What is your retesting policy?
For Kapiʻolani Community College: You may take the test again after waiting 90 days.

For all other programs: Contact your nursing department for specific re-test policies.

> How long are my test scores valid for?
For Kapiʻolani Community College: ATI TEAS test scores are valid for three (3) years.

For all other programs: Contact your campus nursing department for specific information.

> What is considered a passing score?
For Kapiʻolani Community College: Passing scores depends on the nursing program you are applying for.  Contact the Nursing Department for details.

For all other programs: Contact your campus nursing department for specific information.

> What is the structure and time limit for the ATI TEAS test?
The ATI TEAS consists of 4 sections and has a total combined time limit of 209 minutes.  You may work at your own pace within the time limit allotted for each section:

Section Number of Questions Regular Time Limit With 1.5x Accommodation With 2x Accommodation
Reading 45 55 mins 83 mins 110 mins
Mathematics 38 57 mins 86 mins 114 mins
Science 50 60 mins 90 mins 120 mins
English & Language Usage 37 37 mins 56 mins 74 mins
Totals 170 209 mins
(3h 29m)
315 mins
(5h 15m)
418 mins
(6h 58m)

Last Reviewed: 7/10/2023