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Purpose and Mission Statement

To provide the skills and resources to assist students in getting through college.

Description and Background

The Secret of Success (SOS) Program is under the Library and Learning Resources - Reference and was setup to help students succeed in college.

More than 50 workshops on various topics are conducted each semester and more throughout the summer.

SOS Partners with many departments, programs and individuals on campus to provide a variety of Student Success workshops and resources.

SOS Presenters

A very big thank you to all the presenters who are doing it to further Student Success.

David Cabatu (Testing Center - Library & Learning Resources)

Erica Dias (Reference Librarian - Library & Learning Resources)

Joy Oehlers (Reference Librarian - Library & Learning Resources)

Annie Thomas (Reference Librarian - Library & Learning Resources)

Nicholas Wong (Reference Librarian - Library & Learning Resources)

John Pau Gampon (Student Service Specialist - Financial Aid - Kekaulike Information & Service Center)

Tracey Arakaki (Student Service Specialist - Financial Aid - Kekaulike Information & Service Center)

C. Porscha dela Fuente (Assistant Professor - Languages, Linguistics and Literature)

Lisa A. Yrizarry (MKC Counselor)

Sharron Fowler (MKC Counselor)

Gregory MacDonald (Instructor - Psychology)

Dr. Muhammad Nasir Gazdar (Instructor -  Geology)

Keith Kashiwada (Professor - Speech - Arts and Humanities)

Sudim Lazo - (Employment Prep Specialist  - Employment Prep Center)

James Shimabukuro (Associate Professor - Languages, Linguistics and Literature)

Jennifer Brown (UHM Transfer Specialist - Ka`ie`ie Program)

Garett  Inoue (UHM Admissions - for Ka`ie`ie Program)

Joseph Yoshida (Counselor - Maida Kamber Center, Ka`ie`ie program)


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