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Streaming Video Help Guide



Links to Kanopy DB

Create an Account

NOTE: It is recommend you create a Kanopy account. 
Also, you must Create a Kanopy account in order to view Kanopy films on mobile devices and TV apps.

Creating a personal account allows you to:

  1. Save videos to your Watchlist to view later.
  2. Create clips and playlists.
  3. Use Kanopy on mobile devices.

How to create a Kanopy account

  1. Navigate to Kanopy
  2. Click "Log in to Kapiolani"
  3. To create a personal account, we recommend selecting "Sign Up with Google" and logging in with your UH username and password.

Featured Films

Download Mobile & TV Apps and Stream Videos

You must Create a Kanopy account in order to view Kanopy films on mobile devices and TV apps.

When trying to access Kanopy films on a mobile device, you will be prompted to download the Kanopy mobile app.

Mobile Apps

Information for instructors

Assigning Kanopy Films to Your Classes

Unlike our Films on Demand subscription, the current pricing model for unlicensed Kanopy films costs the library $2 a play for films the library has not licensed in advance. If you would like to assign a film to your students, we can look into licensing the film if you decide to include it in your curriculum to save the library from having to pay higher fees.

Please let us know: 

  • How many sections you will assign the video to
  • Max number of students per section
  • The title or a link to the film in Kanopy
  • Please email 

Creating Playlists or Custom Clips

Click here for instructions from Kanopy on creating playlists or custom clips. You will need to have a Kanopy account to create playlists and clips. 

Or you can watch this short video:

Runtime: 3 mins. 57 sec.

Sharing a link to a playlist or clip with others

Special links are necessary since all viewers have to authenticate with their UH credentials. To share a film in Kanopy, you must grab the link from Kanopy (do not copy and paste from the URL field in your browser since that will not work). Look for the "share" tab beneath any film, and choose to copy the link, or the embed code, to share with students. 

Shows a video in the Kanopy interface with the "share" tab highlighted, in addition to the "Link" box.

Kanopy Licensed Videos at KapCC

The following titles have been licensed from Kanopy. A licensing fee was paid by the library, so each play does not accrue a $2 per play fee throughout the duration of the start and end dates listed below. Please feel free to assign liberally. Also, please contact the library if you are interested in licensing additional titles in Kanopy.