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Radiographic Technology: RAD 230: 3. Searching as Strategic Exploration

This guide was made to help students in RAD 230: Special Radiographic Procedures

Searching as Strategic Exploration

In Module 03, we will learn about where you can locate quality resources for your research assignments, and watch some video tutorials which demonstrate how to search in the following locations / databases:

  1. Google Scholar
  2. Library's Catalog
  3. EBSCO Health Databases
  4. PubMed Central

Learn about the search process itself, and realize it's totally fine to ask for help!


Types of Journal Articles

This was not covered in the modules you completed, but is very important, and can help ensure you choose the right kind of resource from our databases. Please watch this short video to help you evaluate the types of articles you find for your research. :) 

Types of Journal Articles: Original Research vs. Research Review (2 min. 00 secs.)

Please check out this overview of Module 03 before diving into some video tutorials.

This tutorial walks you through the basic steps of searching for full-text resources you can use in your research assignments through Google Scholar. Here is the URL for Google Scholar:

Google Scholar Basics (2 min. 20 secs.)

This tutorial walks you through the basic steps of searching for articles, books, book chapters, and other resources you can use in your research assignments, which you can find in the Library's Catalog. Here is the direct link to The Library's Catalog.

Library Catalog Searching (5 min. 57 secs.)

EBSCOhost Health Databases allows you to search 5 databases at once! Here is the direct link to the EBSCOhost Health Databases.

Search EBSCOhost Health Databases (5 min. 15 secs.)

PubMed Central features free full-text biomedical and life sciences journal articles you can access even beyond graduation. There is no subject searching in this database, so we look at searching the title and abstract fields. NOTE: The abstract is a summary of the article.
Here is the direct link to PubMed Central:

Search PubMed Central (4 min. 36 secs.)

Please check out Part 02 of this overview for Module 03.

Questions? Ask for Help!

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