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About Immigration & Travel Records

Immigration and naturalization records can include the names and addresses of other family members, in both the old country and new. Some of the details you may find in immigration records include place of birth or last residence in their country of origin, names of other relatives, immigration details, occupation, and in some cases, photographs.

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Ship Passenger Manifests

1843-1900: From the Hawaiʻi State Archives Digital Collections:
                      Chinese Passenger Manifests Index, A-Z 

                      Japanese Passenger Manifests Index, A-L

                      Japanese Passenger Manifests Index, M-Z

                      Portuguese Passenger Manifests Index, A-Z

                      Microfilm of passenger lists of immigrants to
                      Hawaiʻi available at:
                      Hawaiʻi State Archives
                      Hawaiʻi State Library 

Citizenship - Naturalization Records

1844-1894: Index to Naturalization Record Books
                      For individuals naturalized by the Minister
                      of the Interior of the Hawaiian Islands

1838-1899: Hawaiʻi Naturalization Records
                      Available at the Hawaiʻi State Archives


1874-1900: Index of Passports
                      Online via


Includes records from these collections:

Honolulu, Hawai'i Passenger and Crew Lists, 1900-1959
Passenger arrival and departure lists for Honolulu, Hawaii from 1900 to 1959 including both alien and U.S. citizen arrivals.

Hawai'i Passenger Lists, 1941-1948
This database is comprised of two record sets. The first contains airplane passenger lists departing from Honolulu, Hawaii between January 27, 1942 and July 1, 1948. Some crew lists are also included among these records. The second set of records contains over 7,300 index cards for Filipino contract laborers and their families who arrived by ship at Honolulu, Hawaii in 1946.

Index to Passengers Arriving at Honolulu, Hawai'i, 1900-1952
Microfilmed index cards identifying passengers who arrived at Honolulu, Hawaii, by ship or air between 1900 and 1952. Besides American citizens, thousands of travelers from Japan, China, Australia, and other nations in Asia and the Pacific passed through the port at Honolulu.

Hawai'i Chinese Exclusion Index
An index to over 16,600 "Chinese Exclusion" case files among the immigration investigation files created by the Honolulu District Office of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, ca. 1903-1944. Most of the case files document the arrival into Hawaiʻi from the U.S. mainland or foreign ports of Chinese aliens and the reentry of U.S. citizens of Chinese ancestry under the Chinese Exclusion Acts passed by Congress between 1882 and 1930, and repealed in 1943. The index includes only names of individuals and case numbers. The case files are available from the Pacific Region (San Francisco) of the National Archives and Records Administration

Passenger Lists (Massachusetts, New York, UK, Hamburg, Canada, Australia, and more)

U.S. Naturalization Record Indexes, 1791-1992

Selected U.S. Naturalization Records, 1790-1974

U.S. Passport Applications, 1795-1925

And much more...