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NURSING: Nursing Research

Evidence-Based Research

Claims or Evidence?


Evaluate What's the evidence to support their claims? Who wrote this? Are these sources authoritative, accurate, or suitable for citing? 


Types of sources: Blogs, news, leisure, peer-reviewed research, etc.



Levels of Evidence

Levels of evidence-based research worksheet

Explanations and examples of levels of evidence

APA & Journal Articles

APA TipsheetDatabases Tipsheet

Use these health & medical library databases to find different peer-reviewed journal articles:


Publicly available databases:
Tip: Add nursing to your search string.

  • PMC PubMed Central (video)
    • Limit by date
    • Automatic APA citation
    • Fulltext access to 6 million articles
  • Google Scholar (video)
    • Change Settings > Library Links > Add Kapiolani 
    • Click on the quotation mark next to the star to grab the citation
    • Use Cited By and Related Articles to expand your results
  • MedlinePlus: Patient-education resources.

Finding journal articles | Reading scholarly journal articles
NURS 101 | NURS 210 

eBooks and More


Hawaii Census


How do I search smarter in Google?
Try limiting your search by date, domain ( or to get a more targeted search, and filetype:pdf. See the video below for more tips or check out this cheat sheet




Click on individual links below, or search them all at once by using the search bar below.

HIPAA Health Information Privacy
NLN National League for Nursing
CDC: National Center for Health Statistics
National Institute of Nursing Research
Lippincott's Nursing Center


ChatGPT | Guide for Students


Check out the ATI online practice tests and books.

Practice tests and study guides:

  • eBooks you can use online anytime
  • Books you can borrow from the library


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