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ENG 272M - Lit. of Hawaiʻi, Oceania, & Asia (dela Fuente): Home

ENG 272M Research Challenge

ENG 272M Research Challenge Worksheet (PDF)
Download and save before filling out.

Quest 1: Hawaiian Moʻolelo

Find your deity / topic in one of the books below.

Questions? Contact the Hawaiʻi Resources Librarian:

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Erica Dias
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(808) 734-9599

Quest 2: Find another source

Use Lama Library's Online Search Tool to find books and DVDs at Kapiʻolani CC and other UH System Campuses.

Quest 3: Hawaiian Legends Index

Search here to help you locate myths and legends indexed in 77 books.   

Search for:


appear somewhere in Subject

Print edition also available in the Hawaiian Reference section

Need help? Click here.

Quest 4: Ulukau eBooks

Ulukau: The Hawaiian Electronic Library includes full-text digitized books on Hawaiian culture, history and language. Remember to try your search with and without the diacritics. Need help? Click here.

Newspaper & Journal Articles

Hawaiʻi Place Names

Use the Lama Library's Online Search Tool to find books and DVDs at KCC and other UH System Campuses.

Also browse our Hawaiʻi Place Names Research Guide and this Hawaiian Place Names Resource Guide for more book recommendations.

Nā Mele: Place Names in Song & Chant