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Ebook Help Guide: EBSCO eBook Collection

Help with accessing ebooks and ebook collections.


EBSCO eBook Collection

Links to EBSCO Ebooks

Saving or downloading pages from an ebook

To download portions of an ebook (not the full book) perform the following steps: 

1. Choose to read the book (either in PDF or EPUB - whichever is available)

2. Click the download icon next to the chapter you would like to download

3. Select the page number(s) you need, or select the whole chapter

4. Exit the ebook interface when you are finished downloading. 

The PDF should not expire, and can be read in any PDF viewer. 

Create an Account

NOTE: It is not necessary to create a EBSCO eBooks account if you simply want to read in their online viewer, or download portions of the book.

Creating a personal account allows you to:

  1. Sync books to read on both your computer and mobile app.
  2. Download eBooks.
  3. Create folders and save ebooks, articles, etc to them.
  4. Save your search queries.

What is DDA?

Demand Driven Acquisition (DDA).

DDA allows our students, faculty, and staff to help the library determine what gets added to our collections. Titles which are placed on the library's DDA list, will appear in the library's catalog, and are accessible to anyone browsing. The library does not own these ebooks until a patron does one of the following: 

  • 10 minutes reading in full text
  • 10 page turns in full text
  • Downloading an eBook/audiobook
  • Printing, emailing, or copying any portion of full text

After a title is triggered, it becomes part of the library's perpetual ebook collection.