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Scanner Help Guide

Scan documents, books, photos, etc., for free!



Ideal for high-speed document scanning

The EPSON ES-400 II document scanner is ideal for scanning documents at fast speeds. Pages cannot be stapled together and papers should be clean and free of any adhesives, dirt, etc. This scanner can perform double-sided scanning. 

The scanner is connected to a PC. The PC will not save your files, so before logging off, please be sure you have copies the file to a USB storage device, emailed it, or stored it in your Google Drive. 

EPSON Document scanner connected to a PC, with person's hand on the mouse. Click image to view larger.

Load documents into the feeder. This scanner can also scan cards and other smaller documents. © 2023.

Need Help? 

Ask a librarian for assistance! You can also view the user guide at the link below. Page 68 walks you through using the software on a Windows PC.