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General Research: Finding, Evaluating, and Citing Sources

Finding & Evaluating Information

At the end of this library workshop, you'd be able to:

  1. Find magazine/journal articles, books, and websites on your topic.
  2. Evaluate and provide a summary of a source.

APA In-Text Citations | Purdue OWL & APA Citation Machine
MLA In-Text CitationsPurdue OWL & MLA Citation Machine
Research Challenge Worksheet | Research Challenge help
Annotated Bibliography Template | What Goes in My Annotated Bibliography?
They Say/I Say templates: 1 page | 3 pages
Happiness worksheet | ENG 200

Advanced Google

How can I search smarter in Google?
Try limiting your search by domain ( or or filetype (filetype:pdf) to get a more targeted search. See the video below for more tips or check out this cheat sheet


Local News Sources

Click on individual links below, or search them all at once by using the search bar.

Journal Articles

Summary sheet on searching library databases

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