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Physiology 160: Science of Sleep

Finding & Evaluating Information

At the end of this library workshop, you'd be able to:

  1. Find & evaluate journal, magazines, books and websites on your topic.
  2. Analyze and cite your source.

Group Activity.Discuss which GoogleGoogle Scholar, or Library database articles on sleep and obesity are more suitable for citing in college papers:

         Website 1 | Website 2 | Article 1 | Article 2 | Article 3
         Avoid | Avoid | Avoid | Avoid
         Try these questions when evaluating sources

Read and analyze this original/empirical research article vs research review article:

  • HIghlight the main sections (establish your roadmap)
  • Read and annotate the Discussion section:
    • What is the primary finding and its significance?
    • What questions do you have after reading this? What stuck with you?

Need a Research Topic?

Browse some sleep journals:

(e)Books and Videos

Citing Information

When Do I Need to Cite? (1.5 min video)
APA information & handouts

  TXT: 919.695.3688 
  Office: 808.734.9352
  Office: Lama 117

Search Tips

What do you need?

  • To find research journal articles on a topic, use a library database.
  • To find an article for which you already have the reference, check the KCC Journal Collection to see if it is available online at KCC or other UH libraries.


  • Use Advanced Search to limit to KCC subscribed publications (green icon) and open access articles (orange icon). Use the date limits if needed. 
  • Review articles provide a summary of important articles. Original research articles provide specific details and procedures.

PubMed Central

  • More than 5 million free access, full-text articles available to the public.
  • Use the Citation link to copy the APA reference.

EBSCO Health Databases

  • Preview the abstract before opening the pdf.
  • If pdf is not available, check the journal title in Library Search
  • Use the automatic Cite button to copy the APA reference.

EBSCO Academic Search Complete

  • Must limit to Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals
  • Use the automatic Cite button to copy the APA reference.

Google Scholar

  • Go to Settings, click on Library Links, add Kapiolani Community College Library to link to KCC articles.

Start simple: sleep apnea
Use more search words to focus results: sleep apnea and obesity