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Where the Evidence?

Examine these 3 articles. Look for information about:

  1. Author or website publisher
  2. Evidence used to back up claims in each article
Does high-fructose corn syrup cause obesity? (n.d.). Retrieved from
O'Malley, R., & MacMunn, A. (2013, August 22). Consumers look to 'functional foods' to improve health, lower costs of care: Position of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Retrieved from
What's the beef with meat? (2012). Harvard Women's Health Watch, 20(1), 1-7.

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Find Articles

Use EBSCO Research Databases to find journals, magazines & newspapers.

EBSCO Research Databases
Need help finding journal articles?
Use ScienceDirect to find peer reviewed journal articles.  
Logo and link to ProQuest Use ProQuest to find Honolulu newspapers articles.


Publicly available databases:

Meat Consumption