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When Do I Need to Cite?

Where to find info: APA & MLA libguides; What's new in MLA 8th.

Library workshops & Laulima quiz

How to help your students (don’t have time, don’t see how it’s related to what they want to do at college, don’t know how) avoid plagiarism:

  • For content-heavy classe, maybe focus on quotation/copy & paste to prevent students from just copying chunks from their textbook.
  • Provide templates, samples, examples of good and bad citations, metaphors: They Say/I Say, red shoes in ebay, muddled up address on envelope.
  • Student Checklist and Flavors of Plagiarism 

Documentation is not just about having a reference list:

  • Did you use sources that are good enough for college research?
  • Did you link up your in-text citations with your reference list?
  • Is every reference in your list discussed in your paper?
  • Did you read critical and analyzed the source instead of just droppping a quotation to fulfill the minimum paper requirements?

Common problems:


Teaching & Research Resources

Journals vs Magazines
Original Research vs Research Review Articles

Journal, Magazine, & Newspaper Databases:

Books & Videos:

Student resources:

Tips & Handouts:

Embedding Videos & Images

  • Digital Archive Collection (UH Manoa): Hawaii and Pacific historical and cultural images and videos.
  • FilmsOnDemand
    • In Laulima, choose Add Resource
    • Paste the url from FilmsOnDemand
  • Google Video: Use Search Tools to limit by duration, closed caption, etc.
    • Look for param name="movie" value= to copy the url
  • Vimeo:
    • In Laulima, choose Add Multimedia
    • In Vimeo, look for the Share icon on the top right side
    • Add player and video to the url. For example, becomes 
    • In Laulima, check that it uses https instead of http
    • Use Edit to change the aspect ratio
  • YouTube:
    • In Laulima, click on Site Info, Edit Tools, Lessons.
    • After the Lessons link appear on your left navigation panel, choose Add Multimedia
    • In YouTube, grab the Share (url), not Embed info
    • In Laulima, check that it uses https instead of http
    • Use Edit to change the aspect ratio


 Google & Google Scholar




Favorite Google tools: More Tips & Tricks

Image Search:

Video Search:

  • Limits: Duration, closed captions, create alerts

FAQs from students: How to cite a web article?



  • Add KCC in the Library Links for articles available at KCC
  • Advanced Search is also assessible via the search box


  • Use Any Time limit on the left panel.
  • Use intitle: author


  • In results, to get a broad overview of literature: Use Cited By & Related Articles
  • If fulltext is not readily available, click on All Versions
  • Use Related Articles or Cited By/Search within Citing Articles.

Other Features:

  • Create Alert is on the left panel
  • Automatic Cite is available.


  • Use Search Tools to limit to Any Books: Fullview, Preview, Snippets
  • Search inside the book




Statista contains ready made statistical graphs, tables, reports, and forecasts taken from published government or industry reports, and presented in an easy to read format. It includes industries and companies on communications, demographics, e-commerce, environment, finance, health, internet, leisure, marketing, public opinion, society, sports, technology, travel, etc. These graphs, tables, etc may be downloaded and inserted into Powerpoint or Excel.

All information, charts, graphs, etc are linked to the original or primary sources such as U.S. Census, American Marketing Association, Gallup, Neilsen, World Bank, etc.  Automatic reference citation feature is available.

Getting Started:

Search Box: Try Climate Change

Sort By: Relevance [most appropriate]; Date of Publication [provide historical view]

Search Accuracy: Choose High if you want to focus your search words. Choose Wide if you want any one of your search words. 

Select statistic Millennials: Do you think the issue of climate change is very pressing?

In Options on the left: Select Settings to change bar chart to line chart or table

In Download As on the left: Select Graphic | Excel | Powerpoint | PDF

In Source Release | Further Info: Select Release. Click on the Source Link and go to the paged indicated, p. 23.

Select Citation for automatic APA or MLA referencing. The original source is cited as Statista is merely the aggregrator, not the source.

Other Types of Results:

In the Search Box at the top right corner: Type in Climate Change again

Explore the Forecasts, Studies, Dossiers & Industry Reports, Topics, Infographics

Try the Filters: Publications, Category, Regions

Browse Industries, Companies & Topics, Infographics on the blue tab

Handout  [Keena Info Lit Bank] | How to Use Statista [YouTube] | FAQ

  TXT: 919.695.3688 
  Office: 808.734.9352
  Office: Lama 117