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COM 201 ʻāina-based assignment

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Hawaiʻi Place Names

Questions? Contact the Hawaiian Resource Librarian:

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Land Divisions: maps & names 
ʻAhupuaʻa and ʻIli names. historic maps

Kīpuka Database
Geographical information system (GIS) that utilizes the latest mapping technologies to provide a window into native Hawaiian land, culture and history.

Hawaiian Legends Index

Search here to help you locate myths and legends indexed in 77 books.   

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Print edition also available in the Hawaiian Reference section

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Ulukau eBooks

Ulukau: The Hawaiian Electronic Library includes full-text digitized books on Hawaiian culture, history and language. Remember to try your search with and without the diacritics. Need help? Click here.

Newspaper & Journal Articles

Nā Makani & Nā Ua: Winds & Rains

Hawaiian Moʻolelo (Stories/Legends)

More stories, legends, moʻolelo

Use Hawai`i Voyager to find books and DVDs at KCC and other UH System Campuses. 
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