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CHEM 161: Biodiesel

Search Demo

Complete this exercise using a resource from below:

Google Scholar (video)

  • Go to Settings, click on Library Links, add Kapiolani Community College Library to link to additional pdfs.

EBSCO (video)

  • Select Academic Search, Agricola, Business Source, eBook Collection, Environment Complete, GreenFILE, MasterFile, Science Reference, and Sustainability Reference Center.
  • Use the automatic Cite button.


  • Review articles provide a summary of important articles. Research articles provide specific details and procedures, suitable for replication.
  • White icons indicate abstract only, no full text. Green or orange icons indicate full-text access.

Advanced Google Search (video)

  • Check that it is a scientific report or study providing scientific evidence and it should have references too.

Ebook Central and EBSCO eBook Collection for full-text online books

Sample search string: biofuel production | waste cooking oil
Use more search words to focus results: biofuel production cooking oil
Add alternative words to expand results: (biodiesel OR biofuel) (production OR process) "cooking oil"

Sample Articles

Bezergianni, S., Kalogianni, A., & Dimitriadis, A. (2012). Catalyst evaluation for waste cooking oil hydroprocessing. Fuel93, 638-641.

Can, Ö. (2014). Combustion characteristics, performance and exhaust emissions of a diesel engine fueled with a waste cooking oil biodiesel mixture. Energy Conversion and Management, 87, 676-686.

Foo, W. H., Chia, W. Y., Tang, D. Y. Y., Koay, S. S. N., Lim, S. S., & Chew, K. W. (2021). The conundrum of waste cooking oil: Transforming hazard into energy. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 126129.

Hwang, J., Bae, C., & Gupta, T. (2016). Application of waste cooking oil (WCO) biodiesel in a compression ignition engine. Fuel176, 20-31.

Karmee, S. K., Patria, R. D., & Lin, C. S. K. (2015). Techno-economic evaluation of biodiesel production from waste cooking oil—a case study of Hong Kong. International journal of molecular sciences16(3), 4362-4371.

Ramos, T. R. P., Gomes, M. I., & Barbosa-Póvoa, A. P. (2013). Planning waste cooking oil collection systems. Waste Management33(8), 1691-1703.

Talebian-Kiakalaieh, A., Amin, N. A. S., & Mazaheri, H. (2013). A review on novel processes of biodiesel production from waste cooking oil. Applied Energy104, 683-710.

Ullah, Z., Bustam, M. A., & Man, Z. (2015). Biodiesel production from waste cooking oil by acidic ionic liquid as a catalyst. Renewable Energy77, 521-526.

Yaakob, Z., Mohammad, M., Alherbawi, M., Alam, Z., & Sopian, K. (2013). Overview of the production of biodiesel from Waste cooking oil. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews18, 184–193.

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