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Taiwan Cross-Strait Directory: Military Affairs

Examines Taiwan-PRC relations in light of five themes -- political history, historical precedents, military affairs, trade and investment, and international organizations.

Vetted scholarly and journalistic e-mail discussion lists

  • Reports, book reviews, discussion and debate in H-Asia (Asian history and culture) and H-DIPLO (diplomatic history) are archived and searchable.
  • SEASIA-L reports the impact of Taipei-Beijing relations on Southeast Asian affairs.

Official papers and "Track II" reports and analyses

  • Reminding Taiwan voters of PRC priorities, the State Council published China's National Defence in 2000 (former link=
  • Chen Hung-yu of the Institute of International Relations (National Chengchi University, Taiwan) analyzes China's White Paper of 21 February 2000. (former link=
  • The Office of Net Assessment (US Secretary of Defense) reported on the "Implementation of the Taiwan Relations Act" in December 2000.
  • George W. Bush's Theater Missile Defense Program is opposed not only by the PRC but also by some Taiwanese legislators.
  • The Pacific forum sponsored a "Taiwan Security in the Year 2000: Retrospect and Prospects" on 15 December 2000 (download W*A84Kversions if .pdf files are not legible, former link=

Think-tanks, research institutes and e-mail lists

  • Cross-Strait Common Market Foundation (in Chinese).
  • Taiwan Security Research archives include news and papers from 1998 till now.
  • The Nautilus Institute regularly publishes a variety of military-security reports about developments in East and Southeast Asia.
  • The Institute for Defense & Disarmament Studies is "a nonprofit center where we study global military policies, arms holdings, production and trade, arms control and peace-building efforts; and run educational programs on current and alternative policies."
  • Sample files for China Military Capabilities illustrate potential uses of the Institute for Defense and Disarmament Studies Database.
  • Comparative Connections, associated with the Pacific Forum CSIS, is a quarterly e-journal on East Asian bilateral relations. The Pacific Forum CSIS Board of Governors is chaired by Brent Scowcroft, former Assistant to US Presidents George H. W. Bush and Gerald R. Ford for National Security Affairs.
  • Among the world's top 10 military spenders are the US, Japan and the P.R.C., according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.
  • For summaries of Americans' views of Taiwan-related issues, consultAmerica & the World
  • Part of the London-based IPG Intelligence Network, Asian Intelligence Ltd gives daily briefings.
  • The Federation of American Scientists analyzes Cross-Strait relations. Use the search engine to access Taiwan-related reports.
  • In August 2000, the Honolulu-based and Congressionally funded East-West Center hosted an international conference on Chen Shui-Bian's election as President of Taiwan.
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