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Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Home

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Domestic violence touches every segment of our campus community.  For individuals dealing with domestic violence, the very relationships that are meant to offer one the most support and help one achieve their dreams, become hindrances to their autonomy and threats to their safety and sense of peace.  We know that students who are dealing with domestic violence report feeling helpless and hopeless, disengaged and detached from daily activities, and being afraid.  In addition to the emotional toll it takes on victims, domestic violence impacts their ability to thrive academically.  University of Hawaiʻi students who are experiencing domestic violence report having (i) difficulty concentrating on studies, assignments or exams; (ii) missing assignments or deadlines; and (iii) lower grades, GPAs and academic performance.  

In connection of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, PAU Violence and Title IX programs have partnered with the Lama Library to create a resource for those dealing with domestic violence and those wishing to learn more.  Please spend some time looking at the resources listed here so we can all be a part of the solution.


Events This Month

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