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Sustainability: Finding Resources

Library Worksheets & Examples

Which Website?

Is the website you are using good enough for citing in your research paper? What criteria do you use to see if it is suitable?

Tips for finding suitable websites
Use C→R→A→P Flowchart or CRAAP Test to test these websites: A | B | C | D | E
Use this CRITEC worksheet

Find Books

Use Proquest Ebook Central or EBSCO ebooks to find ebooks.
Need help finding ebooks?

Use Hawai'i Voyager to find books.
Need help finding books at KCC other UH  Libraries?

  TXT: 919.695.3688 
  Office: 808.734.9352
  Office: Lama 117

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Find Articles

Use Statista to find graphs and reports from government and industry reports
Logo and link to Issues and Controversies Browse Topics or search Issues & Controversies

ScienceDirect   Use ScienceDirect to find peer reviewed journal articles
EBSCO Academic Search Premier   Use EBSCO Research Databases to find journals, magazines & newspapers.
Logo and link to ProQuest   Use ProQuest to find Honolulu newspaper articles



Local News

Click on individual links below, or search them all at once by using the search bar.

University of Hawaii

Center on the Family
Covers homelessness, alcohol, drug treatment, family composition, community profiles, etc.

College of Tropical Agriculture & Human Resources
Publications on agriculture, foods and nutrition, pests, pollution prevention, etc. 

Hawaii Economic Research Organization
Economic, demographic, and business trends.

Hawaii Educational Policy Center
Studies and analysis on education issues.

Digitized material from the University of Hawaii.

Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology

Lyon Arboretum

Publications by UH Manoa academic community.

School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology

Water Resources Research Center

Community Nonprofit Organizations

Hawai'i Conservation Alliance


SAGE: Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment

Slow Food USA

U.S. Green Building Council

Sustainable Communities Online


Smart Growth America
Reports and links to articles on housing, the economy, the environment, historic preservation, social equity, transportation, land conservation, health, etc.