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Search Smarter with Google

How can I search smarter in Google?
Try limiting your search by date or domain ( or to get a more targeted search. See the video below for more tips or check out this cheat sheet



MLA & APA information & handouts.

Purdue OWL MLA & APA (including Citation Machine tool)

Library Research Worksheets

Which of these sources is more suitable for citing in college papers:

Worksheet (Salinas-Nakanishi): Stress Relief | Build More Resilience | Helping Teens | Build Resilience

Minahal: The Facts | Washing Machines | Critical Access | Runoff | Importance

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Local News Sources

Click on individual links below, or search them all at once by using the search bar.





Find Magazine, Newspaper, & Journal Articles

Find (e)Books

Use Ebook Central or EBSCO eBook Collection to find ebooks.
Need help finding ebooks?
Use Library Search to find books and articles.