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Service Learning - Health Pathway Resources: Services Learning - Health Pathway Resources

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MedLine Plus MedlinePlus: Reliable information about diseases and wellness written for the general public
Health Source: Consumer Edition: Provide access to consumer health magazines 

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Use these databases to find peer reviewed journal articles:
PubMed Central PubMed Central: Fulltext access to over 2.6 million articles.
EBSCO Health Databases:
Health Source Nursing, CINAHL, MedLine.
EBSCO Academic Search Premier EBSCO Databases:
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and Alt HealthWatch.
ScienceDirect ScienceDirect:
Cross-disciplinary collection of health & social sciences journals.
Google Scholar:
If fulltext is not available, check the KCC Journal Collection.

Interesting Articles

Is there a universal blood type?

Can you get HIV by having a fish pedicure?

What you should know about smoking on UH campuses.

Calculate how much money you'd save by quitting smoking.

How do the risks of using smokeless tobacco compare with cigarette smoking?

What causes cancer?

Yoga and quality-of-life improvement in patients with breast cancer: A literature review.

Green tea consumption and breast cancer risk in Japanese women: A case-control study.

Could supplementary fish oil, vitamin D3 and aspirin intake have a major effect on reducing the incidence and progression of skin cancer? A short review.

Pacific Islanders pay heavy price for abandoning traditional diet.

A review of the literature: Evaluating dietary intake of Filipino Americans at risk for type 2 diabetes.

Hawaii Diabetes Report 2010.

Soy consumption is not protective against diabetes in Hawaii: The Multiethnic Cohort.

Native Hawaiians and physical activity.

Difficulties sleeping: A natural part of growing older?

How does dementia affect driving in older patients?

Thinking about my grandparents: How dementia influences adolescent grandchildren's perceptions of their grandparents.

Do older T'ai Chi practitioners have better attention and memory function?

State of Hawaii. Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity Profile.

Sex to burn calories? Authors expose obesity myths.

Condom use in heavy drinking college students: The importance of always using condoms.

Willingness to have unprotected sex.

Tracking of obesity-related behaviours from childhood to adulthood: A systematic review.

Attitudes and beliefs about hypnosis: A multicultural study.

Compulsive exercise and eating disorders.

Depression and anxiety among Asian Americans: The effects of social support and strain.

Compulsive buying: A cognitive–behavioural model.

Understanding and treating hoarding.

When smartphone Is near, parenting may falter.

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