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Service Learning - Environment Pathway Resources: Services Learning - Environment Pathway Resources


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National & Local Government Websites

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Hawaii Commision on Water Resource Management

Hawaii Dept of Argriculture: Agricultural Resources

Hawaii Dept. of Business, Economic Development & Tourism:Social, political and economic data, includes the State of Hawaii Data Book.

Hawaii Dept. of Land and Natural Resources: FAQs contains many useful factsheets

Hawaii Office of Hawaiian Affairs: Native Hawaiian Data Book

Hawaii State Energy Office: Renewable energy, energy statistics, and reports.

Hawaii Tourism Authority
Research and reports on Hawaii's visitor industry.

USA.Gov: Environment, Energy & Agriculture resources

U.S. National Energy Information Center: Hawaii Energy Data

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Publications database

U.S. EPA: Our Waters

U.S. Fish & Wildlife: Endangered Species in the Pacific Islands

More Websites

Bishop Museum Hawaiian Ethnobotany Online Database
Find plants by Hawaiian, scientific or vernacular names

College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources
Publications on agriculture, foods and nutrition, pests, pollution prevention, etc.

Hawai'i Conservation Alliance
Current community events

NASA Global Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet
Key indicators, evidence, causes, and effects of Arctic sea ice, carbon dioxide, sea levels, and global temperature

Interesting Articles

GreenFILE: Use this search bar to find articles

Environmental Sustainability:
Will there be any nature left?
Ancient Hawai'i inspires research.
Sea level by the end of the 21st century: A review.
School recycling lessons.
Do zoos and aquariums promote attitude change in visitors?

Food Sovereignty:
Buy, eat local to help chefs, farmers thrive.
Food as weapson: Dr. Vandana Shiva.
Food sovereignty: Power, gender, and the right to food.
Legal worries about GMO labeling law.
Lost in the supermarket: The corporate-organic foodscape and the struggle for food democracy.
What we could use in food service instead of plastic.

Land Tenure:
Land: Land Use, Impact, Ownership, the Great Mahele.
New state law sends clear message to Congress about Hawaiian sovereignty.
OHA still pushing for ceded lands dea.

Governor proclaims week to focus on harm of invasive species.
Restoring ancient partnerships.
State must fight invasive species now to minimize future costs, groups say.
Trouble in Paradise (Noxious Invasive Pest Program).
UH gardening gurus set invasive-species classes.

An urban sanctuary.
Bringing home the trash: ... increased plastic ingestion in laysan albatrosses?
Fishing for sustainability.
Man and the last great wilderness: Human impact on the deep sea.
Nature's treatment.
Red tape ties up group's fishpond restoriations.
Structural and functional loss in restored wetland ecosystems.