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Student Congress - Logo: Home


[IMAGE] ManaiakalaniHOOK: The fish hook is to represent how Student Congress searches to connect and latch with the student body, similar to a fisherman who is out on the open water to fish. Trying different areas, trying different tactics, trying to attract the fish.


Ê»Iwa - the Frigate bird, also referring to an attractive person... or a thief 'IWA BIRD: The bird is to represent how students search to find their way, find their strengths, find their abilities, find their direction.


Photo: TORCH: The torch is to represent education, how education is a light to guide you on your path.

Pae ʻāina

Image result for pae aina HAWAIIAN ISLANDS: The Hawaiian Islands are to represent specifically this place, and it is unique and should be highlighted as a critical part to Student Congress not just being any student government, but from Hawai‘i.