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ENG 209 - Business and Managerial Writing (Lawhorn): Finding Resources

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Assignment Summary

Remember that your audience is made up of people who are seeking information on how the organization you have chosen dealt with a particular crisis of unethical business behavior.

Answer as many questions for them as you can.
MLA research and documentation style is to be used. You need a minimum of ten solid sources. 

Choosing an organization

Use Google to find companies with ethics issues - search words used "US companies ethics issues"

Additional search word might include: Accountability; Management Reputation; liability; trials; litigation; ethics/ethical; business ethics; product liability; consumer fraud; public relations; spin; social responsibility of business; industrial policy.

Annual Reports

Most companies publish annual reports of earnings, company challenges, and new initiatives. They often contain the mission statement and goals of the company. Access them via Google by entering the phrase "Annual Report" and the name of the company you are researching.

Here is an example from Apple Computer

(e)Books & More


Issues and Controversies

Issues and Controversies - Find basic information about your company and ethics issues here.




Find videos and articles on Ideas Worth Spreading - TED talks



Films on Demand - two examples are provided below. When you follow the link look for the highlighted film segment that contains detailed information.



Cite Your Sources