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RESP - Respiratory Care: RESP - Respiratory Care

Finding & Evaluating Information

At the end of this library workshop, you'd be able to use this worksheet to:

  1. Find & evaluate evidence-based research journal articles on your topic.
  2. Analyze and cite your source.

Group Activity: Discuss the different levels of evidence-based research in these asthma and children articles:

         Article 1 | Article 2 | Article 3 | Article 4 | Article 5
         Cite this article

Now try reading and analyzing this scholarly journal article:

  • HIghlight the main sections
  • Read and annotate the Discussion section:
    • What is the primary finding and its significance?
    • What are some questions you've after reading this?
    • What stuck with you?

Citing Information

When Do I Need to Cite?
APA information & handouts

Find Journal Articles

Use these search tips to find peer-reviewed journal articles from these health & medical library databases:
  • PMC (PubMed Central): Fulltext access to over 6 million articles
  • Google Scholar (video)
    • Change Settings > Library Links > Add Kapiolani 
    • Click on the quotation mark next to the star to grab the citation
    • Use Cited By and Related Articles to expand your results
  • MedlinePlus: Patient-education resources

Respiratory Care journals:

(e)Books & Videos

View selected respiratory (e)books.


Pulmonary online video

Tips & Handouts

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