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Troubleshooting Help Guide

Troubleshooting tips if you are having difficulty accessing electronic resources

Basic Troubleshooting

If you are having trouble accessing eBooks, articles, streaming video, and other e-resources, please consider the following:

  • Access to these resources are only granted to Kapiʻolani CC students, staff, or faculty members due to our licensing agreements with our vendors. 
  • Ensure you are accessing content through direct links found in the library's catalog, our website, or research guides
  • Try opening the link (right-click or control-click with your mouse) in a private or incognito window.
    • If this works, you most likely need to clear your browser's cache and that should fix it. However, if you do not wish to clear the cache and the private/incognito window works for you, you could just access library links this way. 
  • Try a different browser. If it still is not working, email our e-resources librarian. 
  • Contact with the following information: 
    • The URL you are clicking. 
    • A screenshot of the error you are receiving, or copied text from the error message is fine. 
    • The browser(s) you used.
    • If this is for a course, please also include the course name and number

Library Account Issues

Library Account Issues

At times, your library account may need to be updated by the library.
During business hours, you can contact the Circulation Desk to ask them to check on your library account and database access. 

Circulation: (808) 734-9268 or email:
  • Outside of business hours, email and they may be able to assist you outside of normal hours, however our staff do not work 24/7, so responses may be delayed.

The error may look something like the message below. Please feel free to reach out to us first

Login Error

This resource is restricted to Kapiolani CC faculty, staff, students, and affiliates only.
According to the authentication system, you are not affiliated with Kapiolani CC.
Possible causes:

  • You are trying to access resources/links for a different campus.
    • check that the resource/link is for your campus
    • contact a librarian at your campus
  • You are taking a cross-listed course (course is offered at multiple campuses simultaneously), and you are using resources/links meant for a different campus.
    • check that the resource/link is for your campus
    • contact your instructor
    • contact a librarian at your campus

Library Catalog Issues

If you are having difficulty accessing the library's catalog

  • Check the calendar on our Is the System Down? page since there may be scheduled maintenance. 
  • If there is no scheduled maintenance and you cannot access the page:
    • Email and let them know the catalog is down/giving you errors. 
      • Include a screenshot of the error if you can, or the text from the error message
      • What browser are you using? (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.). 

Out of State Access

If you are accessing e-resources from anywhere outside of Hawaiʻi

  • If you are experiencing issues accessing e-resources and are outside of Hawaiʻi, go to to get your IP address.
  • Contact with the following information: 
    • The URL you are clicking. 
    • screenshot of the error you are receiving, or copied text from the error message is fine. 
    • The browser(s) you used.
    • If this is for a course, please also include the course name and number
    • Provide us with the IPv4 address displayed. 
  • Other things you can try: Set up VPN
    • You can try setting up UH ITS VPN access so you can virtually join the UH network. 
      • You can contact UH ITS for assistance with this, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Links to Instructions on Clearing Your Browser Cache

The following are links that should take you to instructions on how to clear your browser cache.


UH ITS is available 24/7 and can help with tasks like clearing your cache, setting up VPN, or resetting your UH password. 
Call them at 808-956-8883

Take advantage of their amazing and friendly support, available to all students, staff, and faculty in the UH system.
Visit their site for more contact information, including a live chat.