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Kapiʻolani CC Library Spotlight

Three Hits for Your 4/20

by Nicholas Wong on 2020-04-20T12:30:00-10:00 in STEM, Information Technology (ITS), Art (ART) | Comments

Yo, STEM people!

I got three things to help you stay sharp under lockdown. Enough with searching Youtube for video help. I got you.

First up, we’re kickin’ it old school, getting wicked smaht with MIT Press Direct. That’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology, kid! If you haven’t heard of them, I feel sorry for you. If you say Good Will Hunting is one of your favorite flicks and you still don’t remember, was it your memory that also got a beat down at the pahk? No worries. The stuff from MIT Press can fix that.

Neuroscience. Math. Physics. Psychology. Environmental Studies. They got full e-books and e-book chapters all devoted to these subjects.

They even got some other stuff focused on things like Art, Information Science, Linguistics, New Media, Social Science and Urbanism.

They even have a book on WEED.

Yeah, that kind of weed.

Check out Craft Weed: Family Farming and the Future of the Marijuana Industry for Ryan Stoa’s argument on how weed can be done small batch, local, and sustainable like Mom and Pop joints dealing tomatoes and papaya at your local farmers market.

Pass the e-book on the left-hand side?

OK…. OK, I know weed doesn’t do it for everybody. Reading as well.

So let’s go video instead.

JoVE Science Education is another helpful tool if you are taking a STEM class.

With over 12,000 video tutorials covering the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Environmental Sciences and more, JoVE Science Education can help clarify your professor’s lecture, add a second take, or even give you a sneak peak at what comes next in the field.

They also have Lab Manuals for Chemistry and Biology. (Check out the green Science Education box on the upper right-hand side.) I never knew how a laminar flow hood worked, but after watching An Introduction to Working in the Hood, now I know.

And yes, that’s the actual title for the video. Who said scientists don’t have a sense of humor?

Last up is for the specialist, someone who might be a future doctor, historian, or someone who might want to study and practice foreign policy in the Middle East.

Focusing on how the Middle East has influenced the West, the award-winning Arcadian Library Online may be of interest to you.

Containing books, letters, pamphlets, and art, the Arcadian Library Online is searchable in English and Arabic.

The options before you are all packed and ready.


MIT Press Direct available until May 31.
JoVE Science Education available until June 15.
Arcadian Online Library available until July 5.

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