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KCC Library Spotlight

** FREE ** Flipster database takes you from O to aahh!

by Nicholas Wong on 2020-04-16T11:45:00-10:00 in General | Comments

The curtains are drawn and a sliver of light cuts through the darkened room, showing flecks of dust rising into the air.  In the next room, the whir of a drill can be heard. A smile tears across your face as you hear the sound of more drilling -- I’ve got plenty of time, you think to yourself. This sound comforts you even more than the smooth jazz playing above.

As you put down the latest copy of O, The Oprah Magazine, you let out a sigh and run a satisfied  hand through your hair. Her book list and the recipe for Green Pea Hummus have been saved on your phone for later, along with the recipe for the Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies.

On the table in front of you the covers of Consumer Reports, People, This Old House, Chickens continue to call out to you with their covers.

Fast Food Makeover - 17 Chains Rated!

The Untold Story of Tiger King!

Cozy Reading Nooks!

Tips to Avoid a Chick-tastrophe!

You place your finger across your lips and weigh your options only to freeze when you hear your dentist’s voice saying that he’s ready to take you now.

Oh, if only I had more time, you think to yourself.

Save yourself a trip to your dentist, and read all these magazines and more, by checking out Flipster, our latest magazine database, available now until July 6 (currently on a 90-day trial and evaluation period).

No appointments necessary.

Browse the full collection of magazine titles

KapCC students, faculty/staff may be prompted for a UH login in order to access Flipster.

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