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JPNS 290 - Sadako and WWII  

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Books at KCC

Cover Art
Challenges of Humanistic Psychology - James Bugental
Call Number: BF149 .B78 (General Collection)
See the chapter: "On Death and Death Symbolism: The Hiroshima Disaster"

Cover Art
Mother and Son; the Wartime Correspondence of Isoko and Ichiro Hatano
Call Number: CT1838.H33 A443 (General Collection)

Cover Art
The New Yorker Book of War Pieces
Call Number: D743.9 N4 1989 (General Collection)

Cover Art
The Wages of Guilt - Ian Buruma
Call Number: D744.4 .B87 1994 (General Collection)

Cover Art
The Fall of Japan - Keith Wheeler
Call Number: D767.2 W48 1983 (Oversize Collection)

Cover Art
The Day Man Lost: Hiroshima, 6 August 1945
Call Number: D767.25.H6 D39 1981 (Japan Collection)

Widows of Hiroshima - Mikio Kanda (Editor); Taeko Midorikawa (Translator)
Call Number: D767.25.H6 G46813 1989 (General Collection)

Cover Art
Hiroshima Diary - Michihiko Hachiya; Warner Wells (Editor)
Call Number: D767.25.H6 H313 1995 (General Collection)

Cover Art
Hiroshima - John Hersey; John Hersey
Call Number: D767.25.H6 H4 1985 (Read Collection)

Hiroshima-Nagasaki: A Pictorial Record of the Atomic Destruction
Call Number: D767.25.H6 H5 1978 (Oversize Collection)

Cover Art
Hiroshima: Three Witnesses - Richard H. Minear (Editor)
Call Number: D767.25.H6 H672 1990 (Japan Collection)

Cover Art
A Place Called Hiroshima - Betty J. Lifton; Eikoh Hosoe (Illustrator)
Call Number: D767.25.H6 L39 1985 (General Collection)

Cover Art
Death in Life; Survivors of Hiroshima - Robert Jay Lifton
Call Number: D767.25.H6 L4 1967 (General Collection)

Cover Art
The Victim As Hero - James J. Orr
Call Number: D767.25.H6 O77 2001 (General Collections)

Day One: Before Hiroshima and After - Peter Wyden
Call Number: D767.25.H6 W93 1985 (General Collection)

Cover Art
The Bells of Nagasaki - Takashi Nagai
Call Number: D767.25.N3 N28413 1984 (Japan Collection)

Cover Art
Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima - James G. Dilena
Call Number: D767.92 .P437 1989 (Hawaiian Collection)

Cover Art
Postscript From Hiroshima
Call Number: DS897.H5 S8 1966 (General Collection)

Cover Art
Cultures of War - John W. Dower
Call Number: E745 .D69 2010 (Hawaiian Collection)

Cover Art
Hiroshima - Nakazawa Keiji
Call Number: NC1709.N26 A2 2010 (Japan Collection)

Cover Art
The Hiroshima Murals - John W. Dower; John Junkerman
Call Number: ND1059.M3 H57 1985 (Japan Collection)

Cover Art
Black Rain - Masuji Ibuse; Shaw (Editor); John Bester (Translator)
Call Number: PL830.B8 K813 1979 (Japan Collection)

Cover Art
The Bomb - Makoto Oda; D. H. Whittaker (Translator)
Call Number: PL858.D3 H5713 1990 (Japan Collection)

Cover Art
Nagasaki: The Massacre of the Innocent and Unknowing - Craig Collie
Call Number: D767.25.N3 C66 2011 (General Collection)

Cover Art
Atomic Awakening - James Mahaffey
Call Number: TK9145 .M3155 2010 (General Collection)


Books at other UH Libraries

To get books from other UH Libraries:

  1. Go to that library in person, or
  2. Click on "Get This Item" in the library catalog to have books sent to KCC.
Sadako no Inori (サダコの祈り) - Fauzia Aziz Minallah
Call Number: PZ49.31 .M4155 2008 (UH Manoa: Hamilton East)
Publication Date: 2008

Hiroshima no Rinri (広島 の 倫理) - Shinji Takahashi
Call Number: BJ1275 .T35 1976 (UH Manoa: Hamilton East)

Cover Art
The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - Sylvia Engdahl (Editor)
Call Number: D767.25.H6 A88 2011 (UH Manoa: Hamilton Asia)

Cover Art
Hiroshima - Erin Barnett; Philimena Mariani (Editor)
Call Number: D767.25.H6 B37 2011 (UH Manoa: Hamilton Folio)

Cover Art
Rain of Ruin - Donald M. Goldstein
Call Number: D767.25 .H6 G65 1995 (UH Manoa: Hamilton Asia)

Cover Art
Five Days in August - Michael D. Gordin
Call Number: D767.25.H6 G67 2007 (UH Manoa: Hamilton Asia)

Hiroshima Hiroshima 60-nen (ヒロシマ広島60年)
Call Number: D767.25.H6 H6333 2005 (UH Manoa: Hamilton Hamilton East)

Cover Art
Hiroshima in History and Memory - Michael Hogan
Call Number: D767.25 .H6 H6456 1996 (UH Manoa: Hamilton Asia)

Cover Art
The Columbia Guide to Hiroshima and the Bomb - Michael Kort
Call Number: D767.25.H6 K68 2007 (UH Manoa: Hamilton Asia)

Cover Art
City of Silence: Listening to Hiroshima - Rachelle Linner
Call Number: D767.25.H6 L46 1995 (UH Manoa: Hamilton Asia)

Cover Art
Beclouded Visions - Kyo Maclear
Call Number: D767.25.H6 M22 1999 (UH Manoa: Hamilton Asia)

Cover Art
Atomic Tragedy - Sean L. Malloy
Call Number: D767.25.H6 M26 2008 (UH Manoa: Hamilton)

Cover Art
"Hibaku Nisei" o Ikiru (「被爆二世」を生きる) - Hisaki Nakamura
Call Number: D767.25.H6 N298 2010 (UH Manoa: Hamilton East)

Cover Art
Masako's Story: Surviving the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima - Kikuko Otake
Call Number: D767.25.H6 O8313 2007 (UH Manoa: Hamilton Asia)
Publication Date: 2007

Cover Art
The Last Train from Hiroshima - Charles R. Pellegrino
Call Number: D767.25.H6 P45 2010 (UH Manoa: Hamilton Asia)

Cover Art
Genbaku no ki (A Memoir of the Atomic Bombing) - Goichi Sashida
Call Number: D767.25.H6 S2613 2008 (UH Manoa: Hamilton Asia)

Cover Art
One Sunny Day - Hideko T. Snider; Studs Terkel (Foreword by)
Call Number: D767.25 .H6 S56 1996 (UH Manoa: Hamilton Asia)

Cover Art
Prompt and Utter Destruction - J. Samuel Walker
Call Number: D767.25.H6 W35 2004 (UH Manoa: Hamilton Asia)

Cover Art
Shockwave - Stephen Walker
Call Number: D767.25.H6 W35 2005 (UH Manoa: Hamilton Asia)

Nihon Genbaku Shishu (日本原爆詩集) - Miyako Ohara
Call Number: PL763.8 .O35 (UH Manoa: Hamilton East)

The Songs of Hiroshima: An Anthology - Miyao Ohara (editor)
Call Number: PL763.8 O3515 1964 (UH Manoa: Hamilton Asia)

The Songs of Hiroshima: When Hiroshima is Spoken of - Sadako Kurihara
Call Number: PL855.U66 A22 1970z (UH Manoa: Hamilton Special Asia Closed Shelves)

No More Hiroshimas and Nagasakis: Give Me Back Myself, Give Me Back Men Linked to Me - Sankichi Toge
Call Number: PL862.O34 A24 1970z (UH Manoa: Hamilton Special Asia Closed Shelves)

Cover Art
Barefoot Gen - Keiji Nakazawa; Project (Translator)
Call Number: PN6790.J33 N3313 (Leeward CC: General Collection)

Hiroshima Poems - Al Purdy
Call Number: PR6066.U7 H4 (UH Manoa: Hamilton)

Cover Art
Peace March, Nagasaki to Hiroshima - Millen Brand
Call Number: PS3503.R2576 Z474 (UH Manoa: Hamilton )

Cover Art
Poetics of Hiroshima & Other Poems - William Heyen
Call Number: PS3558.E85 P64 2008 (UH Manoa: Hamilton)

Cover Art
The Road from Hiroshima - Marc Kaminsky
Call Number: PS3561.A418 R6 1984 (UH Manoa: Hamilton )

Cover Art
Today Is Not a Good Day for War - David Krieger
Call Number: PS3611.R543 T63 2005 (UH Manoa: Hamilton)

The Day of the Bomb - Karl Bruckner
Call Number: PZ7.B8283 Day2 (UH Manoa: Hamilton Juvenile)

Cover Art
Effects of Atomic Radiation - William J. Schull
Call Number: RA648.3 .S38 1995 (UH Manoa: Hamilton)

Thyroid Diseases Among Atomic Bomb Survivors in Nagasaki - S. Nagataki
Call Number: RC93 .A1 T42 no.92-12 (UH Manoa: Hamilton)

Cancer Incidence in Atomic Bomb Survivors
Call Number: RC93 .A1 T42 no.92-5 (UH Manoa: Hamilton)

Cover Art
Death in Life: Survivors of Hiroshima - Robert Jay Lifton
Call Number: D767.25.H6 L4 1991 (UH Manoa: Hamilton Asia)

The Deaths of Hibakusha
Call Number: D767.25.H6 H4813 1991 (UH Manoa: Hamilton Asia)



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