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ENG 21 - Ida: Fiction Novels: Finding Resources

Asian-Pacific Fiction

More Asian-Pacific fiction

Romance Fiction

More romance fiction

Science Fiction & Fantasy

More science fiction
More fantasy fiction


Contemporary & Best Sellers Fiction

More contemporary & best sellers fiction

Coming of Age

More coming of age fiction

Espionage / Spies / Thrillers Fiction

More spies / espionage / thrillers fiction

Mystery / Horror

More mystery / horror fiction

Information Literacy Librarian

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Joy Oehlers
TXT: 919.695.3688
Office: 808.734.9352
Office: Lama 117
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How does this work?

1.  Select a title.

2.  Check the Holdings Information to make sure it's not checked out.

3.  If it's available, text or write down the Call Number and Location. You'll need it to find the book on the library shelves.

4.  Locate the book on the shelves.  To borrow, take it to the Circulation Desk.

eBooks / Books

  TXT: 919.695.3688 
  Office: 808.734.9352
  Office: Lama 117