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Search Demo

How are library journal article databases different from using Google?

What do you need?

  • To find research journal articles on a topic, use a library database.
  • To find an article for which you already have the reference, check the KCC Journal Collection to see if it is available online at KCC or other UH libraries.


  • Green and orange icons indicate fulltext access; white icon indicate unavailability. Use the date limits if needed. 
  • Review articles provide summary of important articles. Original research articles provide specific details and procedures, suitable for replication.

PubMed Central

  • Open access, full-text available to the public.
  • Use the Citation link to copy the APA reference.

EBSCO Academic Search Premier

  • Try "biomass production" waste cooking oil.
  • Use the automatic Cite button.


  • Scientific research, global news, and commentary.
  • More Help.

Google Scholar

  • Go to Settings, click on Library Links, add Kapiolani Community College Library to link to KCC articles.

Sample search string: biofuel production
Use more search words to focus results: biofuel production cooking oil

Find ebooks

Use Ebook Central and EBSCO eBook Collection for full-text online books

Don't forget to check out the recommended CHEM book lists.

Basic Research Process

1. What are you looking for?

Define your terms and plan your search strategy.

2. Where should you look?

Not all sources are created equal...

3. How do you know if your results are good?

Use the CRAAP Test (no, really)!

4. Who did you get your information from?

Give credit with proper citations.

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